Not Normal Technology
and Technicians.

MINI CCRCs fix your MINI like it’s their own.

When you take your MINI to a MINI Certified Repair Shop, it’s like having MINI surgeons working on your car. We are a MINI collision center with certified technicians and advanced technology (like a 3-D measuring system and fighter jet bonding techniques) that offer exceptional service to make your MINI fly again.


Normal repair shops can’t do what we do.

After an accident, why take your MINI to a normal repair shop? Instead, take it to a MINI CCRC. We’ll restore your MINI to its original awesomeness and factory specs. When you take your MINI to a normal repair shop, you do not receive the same quality care for it like you would at a MINI CCRC. A MINI CCRC knows your MINI better than the average repair shop.

The mechanics at a MINI CCRC have been specially trained to deal these vehicles. We have repaired numerous MINIS, so you can count on us to fix yours the proper way. We are dedicated to your MINI from start to finish, so when your MINI needs to be repaired, take it to the pros.

Not normal super specs restored!

After being at a MINI Collision Center, your MINI will be as safe as it was when you first drove it. MINI factory certified technicians will return your MINI to its original super safety specs—the ones that kept you safe and will keep you safe again. And only MINI CCRCs can guarantee this quality of work.

After your car has been repaired, get a MINI Approved Repair Certificate.

Only MINI CCRCs guarantee—in writing—that a MINI certified technician restored your MINI to MINI factory specs using only Original MINI Parts. What’s normal for other repair shops is not normal for us.

We work with ALL insurances.